Monday, May 3, 2010

fun additions..

I have found some fun things for SeaWorthy..If you see something, let me know, wouldnt it be fun if I could get this a commerce site??  hmmm, just another thing to ponder. Thanks for checking out my corner of the world!


  1. Those hands are great! Wondering if they could hold two margaritas? A string of pearls would be good. Should my Husband buy them for me ;)

    The nestea container is adorable too. Great color!

  2. Apparently I've been on Facebook too long...I was looking for the "like" button.

  3. I love your store! I looks adorable! If I ever make it out of AR I will come and see you!

  4. Hey... let me know if you ever come across a vintage wooden ski. I've been looking for one but no luck yet.

  5. I would seriously buy the Nestea Icea Tea canister (?)'s perfect for a iced tea addict like me!
    Will you sell it?