Wednesday, February 22, 2012

She's ALIVE! {in your best Frankenstein voice}

Wow..its TOTALLY embarassing to check the date of my last post..I really dont blame you for not checking here anymore..Hellz, I havent even thought of this lil space on the interwebs in a mabillzon years myself..

We {meaning me and the Daddy-mac} have found a new place to spin our web of vintage nautical heard it right..

{yeah, I know..we left SnoHo..sorry..for REALZ}

the drive was much toooo much..I do still love me some Ruffles and Rust, really I do, but Centralia? Cmon, Centralia..shes more like me anyway..a  little bawdy, a little dirty,a little rusty and chipped, and a whole lotta fun, and helllllllo? 2, yezzzzz I said 2 hours closer to AberVegas..
You really cannot blame a girl..(or can you)

So, find us in Historic Downtown Steve Kopas wonderful
Northwest Bath Company..or Across the Street Antiques..
{im not sure exactly what the name is..}
If you can find McMenamins fabulous Olympic Club..walk right across the street..(get it??)
or, if you are really desperate..hit me up on the ol Facebook..Im always playing around there, too..
What do you think of the new digs?? Pictures dont really do her justice..
Lisa (and Mac-Daddy)